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csp installation

  1. A

    help install CSP on Ubuntu 16.04

    Hello everyone. I am trying to install CSp on ubuntu 16.04, but I am having difficulty. I have a problem when I try to isolate java 8. (already tried to install java 8,9,11). I have already tried this mode: How to Install Java8 Ubuntu Server (not PPA). and has javac error at compile time...
  2. DiegoBFR

    Would anyone have a tutorial on how to configure PICON in CSP?

    Would anyone have a tutorial on how to configure PICON in CSP? I tried a few times and I could not !!!
  3. guli

    A simple guide how to install csp in a linux pc/vps/dedi server

    After seeing a lot of people struggling to install csp i thought i would do a simple step by step guide how to install it from scratch . Here i am using Ubuntu as the operating system but it should work with others too . I randomly chose Able2 CCcam csp version for illustration purposes only ...
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