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  1. X

    CSP 244 mod checksum BRAZIL

    Hello, Attached CSP with HD Channels checksum correction patch to be used in Brazil. CSP para corrigir erro de checksum e abrir canais HD.
  2. N

    CSP and Nginx

    Hello, I have got my CSP behind Nginx as reverse proxy. Everything work fine, but I can't see the original IP from the clients. I read about set_real_ip_from in stream block, but not work for me. Anyone can help me? Thanks.
  3. A

    help install CSP on Ubuntu 16.04

    Hello everyone. I am trying to install CSp on ubuntu 16.04, but I am having difficulty. I have a problem when I try to isolate java 8. (already tried to install java 8,9,11). I have already tried this mode: How to Install Java8 Ubuntu Server (not PPA). and has javac error at compile time...
  4. watchdogs

    Problem With OScam Csp Cache and CS378X

    Hello Everyone i hope you're doing well. In the last few days i've had this problem: I have an Oscam with 4 Local cards TNT NC+ 1884 And HD+ 1860, and i have a multics server So i was trying to connect them and exchange with cache or CS378X Let's star with normal csp cache I got this in...
  5. J

    CW Duplicate CSP

    friends I'm having trouble in my CSP, he gets 2 equal to cw doing small freezes, how can I configure or how I can solve this problem? request-hash="0FCD0533" ecm-size="143" cw="A4 A4 59 A1 05 EB B3 A3 4A 91 90 6B A2 CC 6C DA" ext-newcamd="> request-hash="5C25542C" ecm-size="143" cw="4B 97 C9...
  6. DiegoBFR

    Remote Cache Configuration

    Does anyone have any Tutorial that teaches how to create my own remote cache in csp and how do I use it?
  7. DiegoBFR

    WARNING: ServiceMapper

    How do I resolve these mapping errors?
  8. DiegoBFR

    opinion about csp configuration !!!!!

    What is your opinion about this configuration, I am starting now in CSP and as I do not know English I use google translator for everything kkkk and do not always understand legal. What to add or change or is this good? <cardserv-proxy ver="0.9.0"> <ca-profiles><default-des-key>01 02 03 04 05...
  9. DiegoBFR

    Would anyone have a tutorial on how to configure PICON in CSP?

    Would anyone have a tutorial on how to configure PICON in CSP? I tried a few times and I could not !!!
  10. Filipi silva

    CSP duplicity logins

    Hello friends, I wanted your help. I have 2 php panel linked in my CSP through the user-file-url but wanted to know if there is any way to avoid double logins example panel1 has an erik login with password 1020 panel 2 has login erik with password 1030 I'm having this conflict, is there any...
  11. H

    CSP to real local card config

    Hi guys. My question is. Is it possible to connect the csp directly to a local card, like /dev/ttysub0 or something like that ? i cant find that kind of config, ot even information. Did anyone had an experience like that ?
  12. ucefmath


    Hello for cache-forwarders checksum disabled on this csp. (TNT CSAT) patch + package r244 patched. csp_crc-_cccam for cccam support happy share
  13. techno

    WARNING: NewcamdSession[702281:VM] - max-pending exceeded for user '', replying with empty...

    Anyone able to help with following warning message? Thank you.
  14. guli

    CSP proxy.xml r244

    This is a simple proxy which i put together which works well , feel free to try it . It is optimised to work well with cache forwarders . <cardserv-proxy ver="DubacK"> <ca-profiles> <extended-newcamd listen-port="xxxx" debug="false" enabled="true">...
  15. N

    CSP / MultiCS / IPTV questions about combined setup

    Firstly, thanks for a great forum. I've been lurking for a while, reading up on the many useful guides etc. My question is of a general nature. I want to do a IPTV setup, where I pull down some 50 channels from 4.8E, viasat channels. I want to transcode these channels into 2.5Mbit/s streams, as...
  16. guli

    udp cache forwarder for csp

    A simple issue but annoying really . When exchanging a cache forwarder with your peer always put the profile names in your forwarder otherwise all caids cache starts to flow . Ask your peer to do the same or all caids cache starts to flow from their side . Simply name the profiles as you have...
  17. techno

    Require csp panel similar to multics panel - can anyone help?

    Hi, If anyone can help. There seems to be one for multics, but nothing for csp. Any help appreciated. Thank you.
  18. techno

    http connection error: 500 --- dedicated server cpu 99%

    Hi, can someone please help with the following error. Running 32bit ubuntu, CSP 0.9.0r244 - java 7 Randomly but rarely following error occurs; only way to resolve is by restarting server. Normal cpu run - 6%, ram - 6%, swap - 0% During Error Cpu - 99%, ram - 6-10%, swap - 0% Any help...
  19. techno

    cmum 3.1.1 - slows right down when fetching data from csp

    my proxy.xml edited.... tried to follow eg on post 29 from following thread csp with cccam support open source ( able2 version ) <rmi> <display-name>Csproxy1</display-name> <status-web> <listen-port>eg port-8082</listen-port> <ssl enabled="false"> <keystore...
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