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Quick Setup BTKCam_mips

When i talk about cache, it is only valid for usually 10 seconds for each ECM.

CSP cache is a special mechanism that exchanges DCWs between servers.

I have integrated that dcw exchange capability in to btkserver.

i hope i made it clear.
it clear for me now.. even its just work for ten second.. i think it will be more than enough..

but it not happens for me now, next question :

1. Does it work with usual cccam server?? i mean if i connect to remote cccam server, does the cache will work??

2. I have setup btkserver and btkcam under MIPS environment, until now it just work as usual cam (OScam, CCcam) not really knowing how the CSP cache mechanism work, all i got is "tracker.cfg not found" messages.

3. What should i do next to make the cache work?? and freezefree will happen?? to many tools on btksoft suit, without complete explanation, how to use it, so all am doing just by trial and error.

4. How to setup csp cache under btkcam server? we just talk for single user, i mean just still for me to watch tv without freezing..

q1: Btkcam only works with Btkserver. You may add your C: line or N: lines in to btkserver. Btkserver and btkcam may work in the same box.

q2: Btkserver has its internal cache supported by internal C: and N: lines. CSP cache is a different mechanism. you need to define CSP cache peers and port in your tracker.cfg.

q3: I try to make explanations and tutorials in site. If people help me to build tutorials it will be great.

q4: CSP cache requires tracker.cfg in binary path. there are 3 cfg commands
DEBUG: 0 - I guest it is clear (1 / 0)
PORT: xxxxx - It defines CSP cache port.
PEER: host port - This line defines remote CSP peers.

If you define a peer in your cfg, then remote must define your line as a peer. Simply you should exchange lines to work.

Sample tracker.cfg
PORT: 1122
PEER: 1211
PEER: 1312

Remote peer should be PEER: 1122
q1: well, before awaiting for your explanation, with my interpretation i have already succeed setup btkcam and btkserver under one hood simply with trial and error.

q2: so do you mean the remote server is must have CSP also? must learn more abuot Cardserver proxy i guess

q3: I'm really glad to build a tutorial, instead i've already done it in indonesian language, but just a simple tutorial to run btkserver and btkcam to connect to remote cccam server under telnet protocol. maybe an advance tutorial after i'm really understand how to setup all this thing to work :D LOL

q4: i have no picture in my mind what all about CSP and how it is work. but i try to make it simple :
"here is the condition : i have connection to remote cccam server only with available c lines. how to setup for taking advantage and gain benefit from btkserver and btkcam?"

but afterall...
It does work for connecting to remote cccam and doing fine. But after several minutes it often show up "segmentation fault" as below.

not sure what cause it,


  • Capture.JPG
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Segmantation fault is a big problem!!! I have not seen segmentation fault in btksrv for a long time but i guess there is a bug. I have done some updates since last version. i will make them public soon.

Anyway I recommend you to test older versions. Please check with btkserver version 194 and previous releases. If the problem exists just tell me.

Here is the link for older versions.

Also please PM me your dcwserver.cfg I need to investigate the problem.

And please start btksrv_x86 with -d option. that will give a better log to investigate problem.
btkserver v 1.94 work stable.. but i think i got lowest average ecm time with btkserver v. 1.97, please investigate furthermore what causing the segmentation fault issue.. i use btkserver under mips environmet (btksrv_mips), maybe the crosscompiling did not work fine...

i got all file from that link, even before you mention it :D

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