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dont get me wrong but cache seems quite low there on the overall ecm's
yup i know but the screen was made after a short time of use.
the server was on caid testing so most of them just jump from 1 caid to another...
anyway cache is somere around 20% in btk and i don`t know how much it takes from cache peers.
This recorded cache is only from the ecm got from lines
The monitoring part of btk is at the works of for me...
I tested it before with 1 C line from oscam.
In oscam i had 29000 ecm request ok and 19800 where cached so ....even if you don`t get cache from btk you have the ecm request from oscam/multics (most of them)
you don`t change it...
to make btkinfo work you also need btkmon to connect the btkserver to btkinfo.
Also you need to add on btkinfo your users


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probably you need chmod 777 for the directory..
I guess it cannot generate files..

Anyway.. Soon you will not need any apache or php based appplcaitions. I will implement http server in to Btkmon.

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