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BtkCam - BtkServer Stable Releases

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VFL said:
good how will working btksrv btkmon and php sould be allin one dictinary or spereate?


btkphp1.50 , btkmon1.50 and btksrv_196 are compatible with each other.
This is a web based btkserver managemnt method. You may check my website for installation and setup.

But i would recommend you to use BtkMon2.x and btkserver196.
Btkmon2.x has web interface to control Btkmon and cfg files of btkservers.
there are html examples for btkmon in zip package. you ay customize them all easily.

i will upload btkmon2x to my web site with html examples.
for simple config, keep btkmon and btkserver in the same folder. and start them usim btkmon2x

Following link Contains examples and some security updates for btkmon2x.

Btkmon2x_ fix2 has a better security and browser compatibility. II guess all files are secure.

Also there are example html.files in zip.


if you have a .txt .cfg file for configuration like btkmon.cfg and dcwserver.cfg ,
then you may create a btkmon.cfg.html / dcwserver.cfg.html Forms (like example) to change configuration file

Everything is variable based.
Btkmon2x reads name="Debug:" like definitions in your html and updates them with values defined in any .cfg file.

good luck.
New BtkSoft Server and Btkmon2x releases.

BtkServer 197 with CSP
- Requires tracker.cfg file.
- If you dont have Peers then delete tracker.cfg

Btkmon2x release 2.01
- Minor fixes for Multithreading.
- Example cfg and html files are prepared.

Also there is an Readme / Benioku file that describes easy configuration for btkmon2x and btkserver configuration.

Also in the 1st message
I connected BTK to my MCS cache... does it work well?
------------ Ecm Statistics ----------
Active User Count : 3
Ecm Sent Total : 10984
Ecm Sent OK : 10984 %100
Ecm Sent NotOk : 0 %0
Ecm Sent Cache : 16 %0

with BTK connected to MCS cache very few hits on MCS cache
but... 100% success hits :D
On btk server there is a different mechanism.

When Btkserver gets an ecm query.
1. Checks local btkserver cache
2. Forwards/asks CSP cache
3. Forwards N / C lines
4. if C/N Responds with NOk then checks local cache and CSP cache

Simply when a ECM query received it is forwarded to CSP cache peers. Btkserver waits 3 seconds to receive DCW from CSP cache.

Try removing all your C: and N: lines and only enable CSP tracker. You will see if it works.
but cache is supposed to work the opposite side
to avoid card access

1st cache of btk
2nd cache of tracker
3rd N and C lines
No cam-server works like that... All Servers checks the cache first and only 1st ecm is sent to Card... but they never wait for the csp cache to reply, before sending it to card. Because it causes extreme delays to the responses.

Because only 1st ECM is sent to card, All the other queries stays in a 3 second wait state to receive either card response from local cache or CSP cache . This is (usually) how they work...

If you think about only the 1st ECM query, it is always destined to Card. If you dont get a response then it waits up to 3 sec to get CSP response. As you know CSP may send to other peers if it does not has the DCW.

I guess i made it clear.
true..but i think multics first check the cache(this is why we get a big ecm time)
not sure about csp....
anyway nice work with btk
I agree. 1st ECM is always checked with btk-cache and CSP cache. After that, it is sent to card eventually.
New Releases are on the 1st message
Btkmon 202
Btkcam 082

Also source code of btkcam 082 is public on my site.
Latest Stable Releases.

Btkcam 0.83
- At least %30 faster. binary is much smaller. extremely optimized
- biss.cfg format is changed. DB format is not supported anymore. Only B2: format is active.
- Mode: is added to btkcam.cfg- check for details. 1- DCW proto 2-ECM proto 3-Both.
- PMT fix.

Btkserver 2.10
- Shorter binary. faster processing.
- biss support removed from server side
- Dm500 C: line error is fixed.

BtkMon 2.04
- Some fixes.

You may see all source and latest binaries at
tested..but takes ages to clear a channel after i change channel...
doesn`t read C/N from ok with C from oscam

and for client...dcw and ecm mode? wtf means? i used option 3
Tested too channel changing ok but
But it does not read clines
For the rest i think its better then the previous versions
Latest btkcam 084 version is out

- Internal Emu support added... Irdeto2
- JSC and bulsat I2 are OK
- requires latest SoftCam.Key in /var/keys folder
- requires openssl library.

Btkserver 210 is here
- C: line fixed for Enigma1 Dm500 devices
- Faster processing.

Bebelusul :
Mode: in btkcam.cfg defines active protocols in btkcam.
if you select
Mode: 1 then only DCW query protocol is active
Mode: 2 then only ECM query protocol is active. (If there is no DCW sharing this runs faster..)
Mode: 3 means both protocols are active. Firstly DCW protocol then ECM protocol is used by btkcam.

Also i have no plans to add C: protocol in btkcam client..
Only Btkserver will support that.

In a few days i will add VIA internal emu. (i hope) ok...even on NDS with cam84 beta(just 1,2 freezes in 30 min for PrimaF*** an i don`t have a card)
Still tryed btktrap on dm500 and got seg fault....i will try again on another box...
But this server+cam are OK.
For me are stable
surfing and google many days to understand how to config or how it works as an emu. it is great and who ever dont use it looses many. Billy if possible make complete guide of usage of btcam and dcwserver config files what do now support and what are their usage.. And if u have time add me on your contacts on skype(same name as nickname here) to talk a bit more about it..

I like this cam and server too but it looks a bit like billy is on a bredak or hollyday on other forums its also silent around btcam

Gr oentie
my friends billytk how are you, in my gemini.4.70 is btkcam0.85 but not you have cfg komplete for me dear billytk admin.thanks for understand.
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